EXPIRED – Make Money Each Month Surfing The Web

surfwebYou Want to Pay Me to Look at Memes, Watch Netflix, and Pin Recipes? I’m in!

My family relies on the internet for education, information, and entertainment.

I’m in the kitchen skimming through Pinterest on my phone, looking for a quick and easy pasta recipe while my husband is perusing stocks on his phone. The little kids are watching Netflix and the big kids are playing Minecraft. What can I say? We are plugged in.

When I heard that I could make $200, just by being online per usual, I raised my eyebrows, rolled my eyes, and stood my skeptical ground. Then, I looked into it a little more. Digital Reflection Panel was offering to pay $25 just for attaching a device to my wireless router. I agreed, still slightly skeptical.


Well, color me happily corrected. I just got my first deposit from Digital Reflection Panel. Two months later, and I’m $85 richer. Turns out, money doesn’t grow on trees, it bounces off of Wi-Fi.

Why Would Someone Pay Me to Facebook/Youtube/Netflix?

I wondered the same thing! Turns out, Digital Reflection is one of the hugest and most reputable Internet research firms in the country.

revenuessTheir goal is to help companies figure out how we, the consumers, use products and services online, so they can make them better and more user friendly. Basically, not only do I have the opportunity to make money with Digital Reflection, but their services also make it easier for me to find great deals, products, and information. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m interested. How does it work?

First, find out if you are eligible, that takes about a minute, they just want to make sure you have the basics.

Do you and your family use Wi-Fi in your home? Yes? Okay, you’re in. That’s literally the only qualifier.

Complete the New Members Survey

I’m a survey nerd. I love filling out surveys. This one was easy and user friendly.

I just let them know my language preference and who provides my internet. I had to specify that I use a wireless router and am not sharing internet with any neighboring homes.

Secondly, I entered in the standard contact information and selected the best time to call me.

Next, I put in all the basic info about myself, my husband, and each of our kids. Name, race, and gender- pretty standard survey stuff.

After that, I filled out information about all of the devices we use in our household- computers, tablets, game consoles, and phones.

Finally, I read over and checked off all of the user agreements and created my password.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I immediately received an email with a shipment tracking number for the metering device. The next day, another email came to let me know the device had shipped and two days after that, it showed up on my doorstep with simple step-by-step installation instructions.

After the meter was all hooked up, I went back to my email, clicked on the link Digital Reflection had sent me and activated the device. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Later that night, at the time I told them to call, Digital Reflection called my phone and asked how my installation went, ready to walk me through any complications. They’re so sweet!

A few days later, I looked at my account and to find I had earned $25 just for installing the metering device. Installation took me less than five minutes. What is that? $300 an hour? That’s a good pay rate!

As long as the device stays on and I keep my information up to date, I’m promised $60 payment for the first two months, $10 every month after, and chances to earn bonus money as well. Consider this skeptic a convert!
Nicole D – Senior Deals Writer, Mommy and Trivia Buff



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