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We are inundated with offers for free credit scores, so much so that I have nearly tuned them out.  However, our family is getting ready to make a big purchase so I began to research different ways to prepare. One service that stood out to me was Credit Sesame and right up front, NO credit card required and I actually got my credit score (woo hoo).

With Credit Sesame, you not only get a monthly credit score, but they also provide credit monitoring and $50,000 of identity theft insurance. For FREE. Ever the skeptic but always on the search to save a buck, I decided to check out


What I like about Credit Sesame is they go beyond just giving you a basic credit score; they provide complete insight to your entire financial situation. The free basic service will go through your loans and credit cards, show you ways that you are overpaying and how to save on monthly payments.


Neither my husband or I have any formal financial training, so Credit Sesame seemed like a good fit. Essentially, Credit Sesame is a no-charge financial planner, and we like free.  I decided to sign up.

Here’s the cool part: the Credit Sesame sign-up doesn’t require any sort of credit card number. Lots of sites offer free services, but then ask for your credit card number, which is a red flag, if you ask me. I’m much more comfortable signing up for this credit monitoring service knowing that there will not be any sneaky charges coming my way.

The next page prompted me to enter my current address and the last four digits of my Social Security number. I pressed submit and, in a matter of moments, Credit Sesame delivered.

Here’s a breakdown of what I received, no charge, no catch.

Trans-union Credit Score
TransUnion is one of the three main players in the credit bureau industry, along with Experian and Equifax. Similar to a FICO score, TransUnion works with the other two bureaus to provide what is called a VantageScore, which is, basically, a bit more in depth credit score. I decided to check out the cool features that come with the credit score report. First, I looked at the graph that tracks the trending of the credit score, showing you what months it went up and down. Next, I checked out my Credit Score Analysis, that showed me the direct impact my financial decisions have on my credit score. Enlightening!

Credit Monitoring Service
The credit monitoring service is a wonderful feature, especially for someone like me, with several credit and debit cards. Credit Sesame monitors your accounts and alerts you if anything unusual occurs. A few years ago, I had someone use a credit card I had long payed off and wasn’t using. I didn’t find out until I was sent to collections! Credit Sesame would have alerted me long before my card was abused.


$50K in Free Identity Theft Insurance
Wow! This insurance policy, at no cost, covers you and your legal costs in case you are faced with fraud, embezzlement, theft, forgery, data breach, or stolen identity. You don’t know how helpful that kind of insurance can be until you need it!

So, what’s the catch? There really isn’t one, as far as I can see. Credit Sesame is BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited and approved with the Norton, ETrust, and McAfee seals, so I feel safe entering my information at the site. Their bread and butter comes from the premium services they offer, but the free services are, indeed, free. If you are looking for financial guidance and security, Credit Sesame is a no brainer.

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