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The Big List Of Birthday Freebies 🎂 🎁 🎈Over 400 Listed

This is the biggest and best birthday present 🎁 you can ever get, a massive list of Free Birthday Stuff you can get once a year on that one special day. Birthday freebies have become a right of passage and you deserve your birthday gifts. Below, you are going to find the biggest, most updated list of birthday freebies from hundreds of websites and retail stores around the country. You could spend your whole birthday here, getting free stuff or you could celebrate your birthday with your friends and come back later and get all your birthday freebies. So on to the freebies …
free birthday stuff

Just a heads up, this list of Free Birthday Stuff is really big and growing and changing.  Use your freebie email account that you have created so you can keep all these birthday freebies organized … and start early, don’t wait for your actual birthday, get a jump start a few days ahead of time.  Remember, we keep these birthday freebies separate from all the other freebies and sweepstakes you find on freebiealert.

Are These Birthday Freebies Really Free?

Yes, they are! We carefully dig through all this free birthday stuff to make sure they are actually free with no hidden costs. Some may require you signup for a free membership, but you should never have to take your credit card out of your pocket to pay for anything listed below.


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